John Sivad Lewis (Born August 20, 1980) Known professionally as Kid Good Life 911is an Songwriter, Entrepreneur, and Rapper of the United States. The son of Cosmetologist John Thomas Lewis and Wife Belinda Lewis. John is the lead recording artist from Midtown Goodfellas Publishing, LLC as well as the owner of the Company. He has written 3 Triangle Offense Entertainment projects since 2016, 2017, and 2018 with his distribution title John Sivad Lewis & Corporate distributor CDBaby. In 2013 Mr. Lewis had the honors of working with Jonathan Lloyd Thurston from Bayer Crop Science in Northern California writing project GoodLife911 Gangsta Love Story, which created the name Kid Good Life 911 shortly after his business situation with Jonathan Thurston is where Mr. Lewis became affiliated with BMI Broadcasting Music Inc. and Began releasing music under his Publishing Company. The long list of artist from counter partner GuttaGangJoc from Ther'O st Muzik Group , Gillie da Kid of Major Figgers , Street Spittas Ent , Ron Murda ADB , SounWave TDE , Tone P Major League , and many others.


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Kid Good Life 911

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