Kid Good Life 911 - Writer John Lewis (Artist Kid Good Life 911) and All Access Recording (Sound Engineer) Musician Henry Ashwood alongside Speaker/Singer Mark A Hughes.

Henry Ashwood Soft Play Of Saxophone

1. Deferred Title

This won’t your ordinary black
Living through righteousness
Fights for settling beef
Propaganda the nice places
Edging the people,
That brick a tan one
my hand gun never gone leave you
Word to Grandson
my handsome
One hellva evil
Like da
Plan from
Da And One
Made up A
Free throw
Supplied the youth
Blew up they ego
Disorderly grammar
electives pleasuring greed
Credentials describing
wealth without speaking

Today’s not bright enough
people don’t change enough
and I need to break out the gate
take me away soaring
Make me a change growing
and that’ll put a smile on my face
I need to pray for it
Another great angel
Can Soar all around my space
Deferred on a halo
Hebrew a great Lord
And that’ll make Judah a face
I need to pray for it
Take me away lord
Can truly make a living so great
Another great angel
Deferred on a halo
Can Soar all around MySpace

Midtown da Album GothamCity(Vocal Effect Sinister)
2.Love n Hate
3.Chasing your Love

Skit #1 #Ringing
it’s Sinister ruler of Gotham
The Principal propelled by excellence
not one Bat 🦇 in Midtown hung properly Kiddo Arts design the streets, communities formulate unions and Red skies aren’t so much The setting for Sunny Day’s it’s looking doubtful if it’s The way I feel turn your volume on a mouthful.
“Ruler of Gotham” Sinister!
Yeah I hear ya. your the best butler in Gotham City Majoring obedience The smartest jewels smearing appearance. relax the sunroof & Put the needle to the record & let the track keep spinning everything I’ve been doing I’ve been hot since the beginning
#KidGoodLife 9️⃣1️⃣1️⃣

4.Way I Feel (Sunny Days) Featuring Mark A Hughes.

If I’m controlled by the sinister
This force
should condemn
my civilian
as miss fortune
piss poor
no relation to getting on
overcoming the critics like rich boys
Midtown supplying the crisscross
Orbiting deductions for Miss Loss
The kid conquers defiant pissed off deprived
in disparity get some.


7.Five Heart beats (A cappella)
8.Like me (Freestyle)

(Car Ride)
Sinister Callahan
Skit#2 #Sinister Friend or Foe in the background Radio music.

Every man has a destiny kiddo
Sculpturing the designs of your lyrics
paint communities for theater
sketched out lines Characterize my students Carrying prestigious grammar In
Midtown, either you just don’t have it Or Negligence believing in a good situation out of sinister was all about your lyrics
next stop Gotham City. Present the metaphors laid out in your resume Day shift it’s a kitchen job. Keep believing, Thoughts to be remembered
Kid Good Life 911

9.Don’t care What they say (VA)
10.O.S.S.R Operation self supreme representative

Skit #3 Gotham City. Clean shafts of concrete and snowy rooftops. The work of men who died generations ago. From here, it looks like an achievement Kid, The work you have set ahead of yourself makes up the attributes of Wonderful Song writing . From here, you can't see the enemy or Distractions, Artist produce revolutionized designs of Sculpturing Masonic Art. We believe in you make your masterpiece bigger than Noah’s ark.

11. Eight Ball title

The eight ball comes like colors
midtown Gotham City abnormally hustled
The prison MR Argument comfortable
Colonies reflect
To politic muscle
Excepted for these achievements
parliament scuffles
Enemies to see you bleed sinning Hartley disgusted
Put your fist up black power all of us love ya
Northern soul
You Nazis
modern discussion

Before the argument rumbles
Flow apart of the struggle
I saw Brenda the other week
Her baby A orphanage
Mentally unstable
behavior eruption‘s
When Pac Died
Yaki Murdered
Suge depression
Bad boys
Still alive
Teach Big A lesson
Sinister Callahan
Grievance testament
Drive the town
As we
breeze through death wishes
AIDS in the hip hop
Easy stepped In it
Will distinguish
Black lyrics

12. Yaki Gang (Solo Cut)
13. Night N Sactown

we lyrically designing the Forbes list like a dead president employed rich Warren buffet the investment we think with if that’s a bad idea then think bigger you blink I’ll be richer than paint thinner looking like a artist who hate pictures turn the bass tweak a nob or something Your looking at the work give jobs a pleasure I’ve milked it through the dirt from god Endeavors like the penalty a king of all the letters The backwards Pedigree you Flawless effort I told my teachers it’s a fee to talk to peasants if I’m smarter than a fifth grader what’s hardly average Dingdong ring the alarm another billion at the door keep that work alive and y’all make more Settling for less like your teachers getting bored Another cool way to read all the English you’re speaking rapping arithmetic sounds like a Genius

Outro Henry Ashwood Soft play of Saxophone


MGP-BPOBT Griffiths Hip Hop

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